Hand peeled shrimp

Served on sourdough bred with asparagus and mayo.

Kr. 129,-

Two types of herring

Classical, marinated herring and fried picked herring with allspice, cloves and rosemary. Served with curry salad, onion, capers, eggs and rye bread with organic butter

Kr. 99,-

Fried fillet of fish (Plaice)

Served with shrimp, asparagus, homemade remoulade (Danish specialty sauce), rye bread and organic butter

Kr. 109,-

Roastbeef of veal on ryebread

Served with homemade remoulade (Danish specialty sauce), crispy onions, horseradish and pickled cucumber

Kr. 89,-

Beef patty

Served with fried onions, crispy onions, fried egg, a pickled side dish, the house beets, rye bread and organic butter

Kr. 119,-